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The fact you're here means you've taken the first steps towards making positive changes in your life. Whatever issues you find yourself struggling with, there is no need to deal with them on your own.  I believe we all have the potential to lead fulfilling, meaningful and happy lives, and that counselling can be the key that helps unlock this potential.


Facing Life's Challenges

From the moment we draw our first breath, our journey through life begins.  We each travel our path as best we can, but inevitably, at times, there will be obstacles to negotiate and hardships to overcome.  At these

times of challenge, we may feel we have nobody to

turn to for support, or it may be that we prefer not to burden those around us with our troubles.  Even when we are surrounded by concerned and sympathetic people, it is possible to feel alone.

Deciding To Seek Support

Seeking the support of a counsellor can feel like a big step, and it's perfectly natural to have reservations about this decision.  We may feel daunted at the prospect of sharing our thoughts and feelings with another person, or scared about finally saying certain things out loud.  Many of us cope by bottling our emotions up.  Simply deciding where and how to begin can feel overwhelming. 

How Counselling Can Help

Some clients come to counselling with immediate issues they wish to explore, while others feel that events from the past are preventing them from moving forward.  For many, the experience of being unconditionally respected and understood by their counsellor can bring with it peace and healing.  Others find that in addition to this core approach, techniques from models such as CBT, Mindfulness and Psychoanalysis can help.


Working Collaboratively

Much like life, counselling is a journey.  In my comfortable therapy room in Theydon Bois, I aim to provide a safe and welcoming space in which you can travel through your story at your own pace.

Regardless of the issues you bring and which approach you prefer, I will offer you a non-judgmental, empathic and confidential therapeutic relationship, every step of the way.


About My Practice

I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  This means I work with clients using a range of therapeutic approaches, depending on their needs and preferences.  I am experienced in working with children, young people and adults, and currently work at a primary school as well as in private practice.

My private practice is at my home, where ample parking is available, and which is just a short walk from Theydon Bois underground station on the Central Line.  I am able to provide both short-term and open-ended therapy, and offer potential new clients a free-of-charge consultation.  This may be over the phone, via an online platform, or face-to-face (Covid-19 restrictions allowing).  Initial consultations typically last between 20 and 30 minutes, and give you the opportunity to decide whether I might be the right therapist for you.  Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes long, and are charged at £50 each.

Due to current lockdown restrictions, I have recently added Walking and Talking therapy to the range of options available.  As the name suggests, sessions take place outside, around the local vicinity rather than within the confines of the therapy room.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more.


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